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Disconnected Fragments

Strung together to form a complete thought.

This is a diary of my life.

Chin rest

My life consists of juggling my time between parenting by day, working full time by night and finding time to sleep somewhere in between. I also write about my frustration with learning to play the violin, academics, paganism, books, photography, music I stumble across on the internet and the occasional rant.

80's music, absinthe, aikido, alcohol, aleister crowley, alternative modeling, alternative photography, amatuer, art, athame, athames, bbw pinups, bdsm, beauty, bettie page, black clothes, body art, body jewelry, body mods, bondage, books, boots, cemetaries, cemetary, chicago, chocolate, clothing, clubbing, clubs, comic books, computers, corsets, crowley, cult, curvy women, dark, dark pinup, dark pinupgirls, dead can dance, demons, electronics, exotic, fantasy, fetish, fetish photography, fishnet stockings, fishnets, forensics, found objects, garter belts, ghosts, goddess, goth, goth girls, gothic, gothic models, gothic subculture, hacking, haunted, haunts, high heels, horror, information technology, ink, it, japanese swords, katana, katanas, kendo, knives, krav maga, lace, law, law enforcement, libra, lingerie, magic, magick, martial arts, medieval swords, medieval times, modeling, moon, mosoliums, motorcycles, muay thai, nablopomo, neo, new order, nightclubs, nightlife, nocturna, occult, orchids, pagan, pagan parenting, paganism, paranormal, parenting, photography, photos, photoshop, pictures, pierced girls, piercing, piercings, pin up, pinup, pinup drawings, pinup girls, pinup photography, plus goth, plus size modeling, retro look, retro style, rose, roses, running, satan, satanism, sci-fi, science fiction, spirits, stockings, swords, tarot, tattoos, tea, thelema, vampires, vintage, vintage fashion, vintage look, vintage style, vinyl, violin, violins, wakasashi, warewolf, warewolves, wicca, wicce, witch, witchcraft, witches, yoga